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Exhibits Profile
Automation & Instruments Zone

◆ Oil and gas exploration, development and production
◆ Geophysical, logging and drilling equipment
◆ Industrial automation software
◆ Intelligent oil and gas field
◆ Internet of things
◆ Intelligent identification, sensing and monitoring
◆ Intelligent oilfield remote diagnosis
◆ Cloud computing and fuzzy recognition
◆ Intelligent oilfield management system
◆ Digital oilfield data analysis
◆ Intelligent robot applications
◆ Workover robot application
◆ Industrial robot
◆ Automation control system (DCS PLC IPC)
◆ Conveying and welding robot workstation
◆ Nondestructive testing equipment
◆ Petroleum and chemical equipment
◆ Information technology and software
◆ Storage, transportation and sales system
◆ Fieldbus
◆ Internet communication and security system
◆ Wireless sensor network system
◆ Water quality and sewage monitoring equipment
◆ Enterprise information software
◆ Optimization management system
◆ Industrial control and monitoring
◆Factory automation equipment
◆Electric automation

Exhibits ProfileExhibits Profile