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Woodside Energy cancels sale of Macedon, Pyrenees oil and gas fields offshore Australia

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(WO) – In Q2 2023, Australia’s Woodside Energy began looking into divesting its interests in the Macedon and Pyrenees assets. Following a period of research, the company has decided to retain its current ownership levels in both assets.

Macedon is an offshore natural gas field roughly 75 km from Onslow, Western Australia. The field was discovered in 1992, with first oil production beginning in 2013. According to Woodside’s website, the Macedon field produces natural gas from several subsea wells that flow through a pipeline to an onshore treatment plant.

Pyrenees is an offshore oil field in the Exmouth sub-basin, roughly 45 km from Exmouth.

According to Woodside, Macedon is a critical supply source of natural gas to the Western Australian domestic market. Both Macedon and Pyrenees will remain within the Australian operations portfolio and focus on maintaining safety and production performance. Both assets help ensure energy security and reliability of natural gas supplies in Western Australia.